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AS3 Clinic Designer

AS3 Medical Clinic Designer

Interactive Multimedia application programmed with Flash using the Action Script 3 (AS3) platform. The project was developed for a medical industry focus group exploring optimal designs for new medical clinics.

Groups of physicians were instructed to create their ideal clinic by selecting rooms, personnel, and equipment from scrolling lists of 3-D images. Once the rooms were selected, equipment and personnel were dragged and dropped into these to simulate an optimal medical clinic design.

The data grid on the right keeps track of the items, quantity, and type (Room, Personnel, etc.). The physicians were allowed a limited point system to work within, and the points would of course have represented the cost. So in other words, they were given a set budget from which to assemble the features they would like to see in an ideal clinic.

We only had a very limited amount of time to finish this project, but with more time we could have made it even more robust, and this same basic concept could be applied to many different real world applications. It turned out to be an invaluable tool for the kind of market research they were doing in this case, but it could be easily replicated for other uses.


Clinic Designer Instructions

When the game page opens, fill out your name and click two or three check boxes showing the different options. This will launch the game board, and all of the items are in horizontal scrolling lists at the bottom.

First we usually add some rooms just by clicking them, and then personnel and equipment is added by clicking a thumbnail and then releasing your mouse click button. This will attach the thumbnail to your cursor so you can move it over one of the rooms, and then click again to place the item where you want.

You can also view the output screen in the lower right corner to see all of the data. Nothing is being tracked in a file however, so once you close the window the data is gone and the game ends. We could have set it up to track all of this so games could be saved and so forth, but in this case the physicians were only playing once so they didn’t need any data tracking.

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