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Calendar Design

Yearly promotional calendar design for a plumbing supply company in Kansas City. Ads from different vendors are featured for each month. The company branding is reversed out on a colored background to help distinguish it from vendor logos and information. Since this calendar template is two-color, seasonal colors can be used to distinguish each quarter (i.e. green for spring, gold for summer, burnt orange for autumn, and blue for winter).

People love calendars, and from a design perspective they’re creatively a lot of fun to produce. We’re working on one now for Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative where we’ve asked members to participate in an online calendar photo contest. Once the entry deadline passed, we designed a voting page where members can cast votes on the best images. Three winners with the highest scores are chosen for each of the four seasons, and these images will appear in the new Platte-Clay 2016 Calendar.

You can see the calendar photo contest voting page at the link below.

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