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Catalog Design

Catalog Design

Catalog Design for a Plumbing Supply Company in Kansas City:
A catalog design divided into four main color coded sections – indicated by the colored product icons on the lower right corner of the catalog cover. The two-color inside spreads have a full bleed, and color coded tabs at the left and right edges for ease of navigation through the different sections.

The company has over eight thousand inventory items listed, so the challenge is to divide a larger catalog design into groups – ideally with no more than four or five main categories. In this case we divided the catalog into four primary sections – Parts, Fixtures, Tools, and Fittings. That gives you a quicker way to navigate to the main section you’re looking for – without being overwhelmed by a huge table of contents.

Once you have a nice template design for the catalog pages, you have a formula to follow for keeping everything consistent as you enter it. For any type of print document like a catalog where you’re showing products, photography becomes very important. You want product images to look as good as possible, so ideally these should be shot professionally before the project begins.

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