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Custom WordPress Design For PCEC

Custom WordPress Design for Platte-Clay Electric Co-op North of Kansas City:
A website that illustrates why data driven architecture becomes more important when you have lots of content. We had designed a regular html site for Platte-Clay before we developed this newer custom wordpress design. The old html site had performed quite well, but moving over to a WordPress website has allowed us to expand their content delivery in ways that would have been much more difficult with a regular html site.

With WordPress (or other types of data driven architecture), it becomes much easier to make large global changes to your existing content, and this is an invaluable feature when you get into larger web sites. WordPress comes with two different types of taxonomy structures, and these are known as “pages,” and “posts.” You can think of “pages” as regular static content that isn’t subject to change much once you have it in place. Your Contact page, Home page, and About pages are examples of this.

The “post” taxonomy on the other hand, is much more fluid. This would be best used in cases where you have regularly updating content that needs to be categorized and archived. On the Platte-Clay site, most of their content was more static in nature (i.e., Service pages, Product pages, Educational pages, etc.). They do have a newsletter that needs to be published on the site monthly however, and the “post” taxonomy was a perfect choice for this – since it gives us a nice way to archive all of their past issues by date.

Whether you choose to drive your site primarily with pages or posts, WordPress is still a more versatile choice for larger sites than regular html. Pages in WordPress can be easily added to global menus so they appear site wide instantly, and if you’ve ever worked with custom html sites, you’ll know it isn’t that easy to add global links.

If you’ve got a site with lots of content, and especially when you need things to be categorized and archived, data driven architecture like you have with WordPress is the only way to go.

SITE URL: http://www.pcec.coop

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