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Flash Animated Polyhedra

Flash Animated Polyhedra

We’re showing a Flash Animated Polyhedra script we wrote to illustrate how self contained Flash AS3 programmed components (or interface widgets) can easily be embedded into regular html and WordPress web sites.

ActionScript 3.0 (commonly known as AS3) is an object-oriented language originally developed by Macromedia Inc. (now owned by Adobe Systems). It is a dialect of ECMAScript (meaning it has the same syntax and semantics of the more widely known JavaScript), and is used primarily for the development of websites and software targeting the Adobe Flash Player platform, used on Web pages in the form of embedded SWF files.

We know there are some Flash detractors out there, but the only reason why Flash suddenly started taking bad press probably had more to do with a decision Apple made not to support it on iPhones than anything else. The Android OS supports it just fine, so it isn’t as if this wasn’t possible to do on mobile devices.

But Flash is still a great tool and to this day it can’t be matched by anything else we know of for creating powerful interactive web applications. If you don’t believe us, try writing a Flash Animated Polyhedra script with some other type of web software like jQuery.

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