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Logo Design Kansas City Graphic Designer

The Logo Design Kansas City Graphic Designer slideshow above shows examples of our logo design work for clients in the Kansas City area. Branding is the foundation for everything. So if you don’t have a logo, you should consider the advantages of having one. If you have a logo but it isn’t up to speed, it might be time to consider a redesign. Nothing you create will ever present as well if you’re starting out with inadequate branding.

The biggest problem you’ll encounter with logos is just trying to get one finished, since there are more challenges involved than just designing a logo. Someone else understanding the importance of branding is the first hurdle. If they don’t have a logo, that could either mean they don’t understand the many advantages of having one, or they’re afraid it will be too expensive.

If they already have a logo but it’s not up to speed, they may not want to change it if they already have it stamped on all of their existing marketing materials. So they often want to work with what they have and still make everything else look beautiful. But the logo is at the very center of everything, and it has more of an impact on the overall look of your marketing strategy than anything else.

When someone has agreed to have you work on a logo, one thing to avoid at all cost is what we like to call the “Design by Committee” phenomenon. This is not a good approach with any creative project, but with a logo it can be a disaster. There should only be a very small group of people involved in the approval process (one or two is best, but three at the most). We like to see approval from both males and females however, since this helps to ensure that your concept is neither too masculine or feminine. Try passing it around to other friends or designers you know and get their reactions also.

As to the logo design process itself, a successful logo will always have much more to do with simplicity than complexity. The Nike logo didn’t use the swoosh in addition to a tennis shoe or someone running, for example, but this icon has become so recognizable that in many cases the swoosh is all they use, and they don’t even need the type.

So when all is said and done, if you’ve managed to stick with a good solid set of guidelines and principles, and you’ve executed a great looking design that’s been met with praise and approval, the experience can be quite rewarding for everyone involved. You’ve defined the very essence of a business entity with an abstract symbol that can be placed on something as small as a fountain pen… or as large as a billboard!

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