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Newsletter Design

We’ve done lots of newsletter designs over the years, but this is an example of a design that would have been proposed for a certain project we were looking at – and someone else beat us to the job so it was never even shown.

But hey, it happens in the creative industry all of the time. The number of things that can end up on the cutting room floor is astounding, and sometimes the reasons for that have nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of your rendering.

One important point about something like this is that just because it’s being shown as a newsletter template, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be used for many other purposes. In fact something very similar was used as a cost proposal we designed for an event at one time. There are so many other types of documents that are presented in this way that you don’t need to stop at just calling it a newsletter.

Most of the newsletters we do come out quarterly, so we usually vary the template with seasonal colors and images. This is nice from a design point of view, but it also helps to keep better track of them when you start building up a larger collection. After a while, newsletters can become like historic archives since they document so much of what’s going on every year.

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