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Tshirt Design

We’ve always loved wearing cool looking Tshirts, but even more than wearing them, we love designing them.

One problem is that when you go to print these, most printers will want to charge for a large minimum order. They want to send you home with a truck load of them, when what people sometimes want is only one or two shirts. What if you’re not even sure about the size or style of shirt you want (Tshirts often vary in the way they fit), and what if you only want to try one to see if you like it? You might only be experimenting with a certain logo or image for the shirt, and what if you decide you want to make some adjustments?

This has had us thinking about buying our own shirt printing equipment lately. So we can print only one shirt if we want, and then print more later – if and when we need them. Screen printing will probably always be the best option, and this is fine if you decide to reproduce one of your favorite shirts in larger numbers. But what we need are the prototypes to wear around and see if we like them. The technology has improved enough on transfer sheets to make these a viable option, so we’re making decisions on what the best set of equipment might be.

The logo design below is for a set of gray shirts and jackets we’ll be working on next…

JDL Cattle Company Shirt & Jacket Logo

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