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WordPress Web Designer and Programmer for GreenHub Network in Kansas City:
The Web Designer WordPress Design developed in response to the growing need to connect people with ideas about sustainability in Kansas City. To paraphrase the site, it allows you to Connect With Others, Share Your Own Listings, and Discover New Resources.

What we can say for sure about this project is that there is much more here than meets the eye. The goal was to create a site that allows the public to share their own posts, and that’s much more of a tall order than you might think. When you see a site like Craig’s List, it looks so simple that you might think there is nothing to it. But having done this, we can tell you that would not be a correct assumption.

When you make the decision to go down that road of allowing the public to log in and create posts, your site suddenly has an awful lot more to keep track of. This is why the first requirement for any site like this is to have people register so they can log in. It’s not just to gather data or make money (registering and posting on greenhub is free). But how else are you going to allow users to keep track of their own content?

They might want to delete or edit a post or add a new one later, so their username is the only thing a site has to connect a person to their content. The reason for the password is obvious, since you don’t want everyone logging in everywhere and editing posts submitted by other people, and it gives users a sense of privacy when they know their posts won’t be tampered with.

This site has been live for quite a while now and it’s working fine with no problems, so it’s been run through a good solid test in the real world. We like how the template turned out and we love how well it ended up working. But in the beginning we did this mainly as a research project – just to see if we could get something like this to work. We haven’t done nearly enough to promote it or build any kind of an audience, and quite frankly we don’t think the concept is in the public consciousness yet and no one is searching for it.

For a Web Designer WordPress Programmer like myself, the good news is that it makes a great demo and a solid prototype, and that’s mainly what we wanted it for. Now that it’s developed we can replicate the architecture for similar projects, and this same basic concept could be applied to lots of different things. The only trick is to use it for something that people are actually searching for…

SITE URL: http://www.greenhubnetwork.com


  1. Commenting as the site administrator for GreenHub Network, I thought this would be a good place to demonstrate how comments work on the JDL Studio site. Every project on the site allows comments and feedback is always welcome.


    GreenHub Network on March 6th, 2015 at 10:10 am

  2. As the site administrator for JDL Studio, this is how I would reply to GreenHub Network. I’m using a little different strategy for Avatars than what you normally see, since I think this will be easier to follow as the comment list grows larger.

    So to keep it cleaner and more simplified, anyone who comments will have a regular icon followed by their site link, and JDL Studio replies will always have a red icon.

    To submit a comment, what I’ve been doing is using my company name in the Name field, and then your comment will appear as these are – with your company name linked to your web site.

    Note that you can still comment if you don’t want to include a web address however, since the Website field is optional.


    JDL Studio on March 6th, 2015 at 10:27 am

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