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WordPress Responsive Design Kansas City

WordPress Responsive Design & Development for Stinson Leonard Street in Kansas City:
A WordPress Responsive Design programmed to be easy to maintain by the Kansas City Law Firm. They simply create new posts, and WordPress handles all of the archiving, linking, and positioning of posts in the blog feeds. The website also features a web mail newsletter which goes out to all of their subscribers whenever they publish new posts on the blog.

The original WordPress responsive design had more capabilities that they didn’t end up using – in the interest of having the site look more to the point by keeping it somewhat restricted. They used the right column for their mission statement, but it also has the ability to be used for showing links to their most recent articles. When this feature is enabled, all of the post tiles are displayed as links in the right column – along with smaller thumbnails of the featured images used for each post. Talk about great navigation!

Commenting was also disabled, but if they ever decide to enable comments, this feature is very easy to turn on or off in WordPress. If they enabled comments, the right column could be used to show links to recent comments, or even a mixture of recent comments along with recent posts. All of the categories (labeled “Topics” in this case) are color coded, and this feature also becomes visible on article thumbnail images when the right column is used for navigation.

Even in a somewhat stripped down version, this WordPress responsive design has gotten high marks for it’s clean professional look, and it has served their purpose nicely. And one of our favorite things about WordPress is how easy it is to enable those additional features whenever someone chooses.

SITE URL: http://www.slsbankruptcyblog.com/

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