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3D Animation Video & Video Editing in Kansas City

This robotics 3D animation was created with Blender 3D Software, and the Video Editing was done with Adobe Premiere. One thing we like about Blender is that if you’re a Mac user, most of the available programs like 3D Studio Max are written for the PC. Blender is free open source software that works great on either platform, it has a lively community of users, and it’s powerful enough to develop video games.

In a 3D modeling exercise, we created pool balls representing our two different website theme colors for and

3D Animation Video Editing - JDL Studio

In another 3D animation project, we wanted to model a new seven sided geometry called the Chestahedron.

This shape was discovered fairly recently by a man named Frank Chester, and we have more information about it in our blog at JDL Studio Online. It’s an interesting geometry, and the story behind it’s discovery is fascinating as well.

Chestahedron 3D Animation:

Then finally, it’s always nice to have a 3D animation introducing your company and logo. Something like this could be used as an opening for other videos, and it’s easy to cut animations like this in with Premiere.

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