Energy Demand Calculator

About The Energy Demand Calculator

The 2022 Demand Rate is $1.00 per kW for the single highest 15-minute interval of power consumed over the entire billing period.

Here is a list of estimate common large kW usage devices found in most residential properties.

Air conditioner (central)
Air conditioner (window)
Baseboard Heater
Clothes dryer
Clothes Washer
Electric cooktop stove
Electric forced air furnace (kW/1000 sq. ft.)
Electric range/oven
Electric water heater
Engine block heater (winter)
Hair Dryer
Heat Pump
Hot tub
Microwave oven
Portable electric heater
Livestock waterer
Water pump (kW per horsepower)
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Estimating Demand For Other Appliances

To calculate demand in kilowatts (kW), take the watts of any given device & divide by 1000.