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AS3 Flex Label Designer

Flash AS3 Flex Label Designer

Online label designer application for veterinarians to create their own custom product labels. These are placed on existing products distributed by the client – so veterinarians can sell them in their clinics using their own branding.

When you create one of these and place an order, it will automatically compress your high resolution print file, take your print order, and place both of these into an archive on the web server. Then it sends the client’s printer a link to your archive so they can download and print the order (once the customer pays for it through a shopping cart).

Programmed using a combination of PHP, Flex 4, and Flash AS3.

Label Designer Product Wrapper Demo


This was an additional feature written in AS3 for the Label Designer. This would have opened in a preview window showing how the labels would look on product bottles in 360-3D views. This feature hasn’t been implemented in the Label Designer yet, but it will be easy to do since it runs on the same AS3 platform.

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