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Branding & Identity in Kansas City

Branding & Identity for the Alexander Majors House in Kansas City
Alexander Majors was one of the central founding fathers of Kansas City, he started the world famous Pony Express, and he gave Buffalo Bill Cody his first job and start in life.

The only form of branding that anyone had developed thus far used an image of a horse. But the Pony Express was just a small part of Majors’ history, and we felt that a horse symbol wasn’t representing the true historic figure himself.

The road signage in front of the museum (below) probably wouldn’t have worked out well with the existing horse logo, so they just used type instead for the sign.

Alexander Majors House Original Road Sign Branding
Original Alexander Majors Road Sign.

In the image below, we did a Photoshop rendering of the sign using the new Alexander Majors logo.

Alexander Majors Road Sign with New Branding
New Proposed Alexander Majors Road Sign.

Branding & Indentity Designed for Logo, Letterhead, Envelopes, & Business Cards
We also designed their full identity campaign (logo, letterhead, business cards, and envelopes).

Alexander Majors Branding & Identity
Logo, Letterhead, Envelopes, and Business Cards.

Alexander Majors Business Card and Logo Design

Web Site Design with New Branding
Then finally we designed a new web site with the new branding – which is no longer in use since they merged with the Wornall House in Kansas City.

Website Design for Alexander Majors in Kansas City by JDL Studio Design

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