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Custom Web Design AgriLabs Healthy Difference

Custom Web Design & programming for AgriLabs north of Kansas City:
This is a custom web design for an HTML / CSS website that features jQuery drop down menus, slide shows, and tool tip hover windows for a Product Display Interactive. Since numerous product videos are featured in the home page, we developed an interface for launching these in pop-up windows. You can open more than one video at a time on the same page, and they can be rearranged on the screen however you like by simply dragging the window headers.

The site template was designed and programmed from scratch with CSS, HTML, and jQuery. Like many of our sites, it’s a one of a kind and you can’t go out and purchase or download a pre-built template like this. We also designed the branding and developed the marketing campaign, so the web site needed to closely match the look and feel of their related materials.

Also integrated into this template is a new Bootstrap 3 Dealer Locator using HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap 3, PHP5, Fuel-PHP Framework, and MySQL. See our post on the Dealer Locator in the Interactive section.

Update: The original html template was used to kick start their new line of calf health products, and it has since been redirected to a new dedicated section on their main website.

SITE URL: http://www.healthydifferencecalf.com/

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