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Full Screen Photography Website Design

For JDL Studio Photography we developed a full screen website design, programmed with html and css. The challenge with any full screen site is making it mobile friendly, and to do that we’ve redirected smart phone users to a responsive design that’s programmed with jQuery. So desktop and mobile users will each experience an optimal version of the site.

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Full Screen Photography With Flash
Finding a good way to present photography can be challenging, and our favorite approach is to show images in a full screen series.


And here is another Flash series of full screen photos we did with Blue Birds.


Full Screen Photography With jQuery
The big problem with Flash is that it won’t work on iPhones, so to create a truly device compatible full screen photography script, we used jQuery. This example is responsive so it works great on mobile devices.


Full Screen Photography With Video
Another nice capability you have with Flash is to convert the files to video. We did this with the two Flash examples above and uploaded them to our Youtube Channel for JDL Studio Online. Then we can simply embed them in any web page as seen below, and they can be played in Full Screen View. Video provides a powerful way to showcase photography, and it gets some extra exposure on your Youtube channel as well.

For best results, make sure your video playback quality in Youtube is set to 1080p HD, and then click the full screen icon.

Bluebirds In Snow Sequence

Tiny House in The Woods Bird Photography

Sharing Video on Social Networks
Social networks like Facebook and Pinterest provide ways to share video as well. On Facebook, you have two options for sharing video. For the Bluebird Photography Video, we tried sharing the video from our Youtube Channel to Facebook, but this gives you a small thumbnail of the video on the left with the description on the right. For the Tiny House Video we uploaded it directly to Facebook, and we think this is the best approach since it gives you the ability to use larger custom thumbnail images. You can see an example of these videos posted on our JDL Studio Online Facebook Page.

On Pinterest, you only have the option to share videos from Youtube – which will then show up as one of your Pins. Both of the videos above can be seen on the JDL Studio Online Pinterest Board for Fine Art Photography. The great thing about video is the ability to share it so easily. It behaves like a single packaged element, and there is nothing to click through or navigate around.

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