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HTML Web Design For Missouri Gas Energy

Custom HTML Web Design & Programming for MGE in Kansas City:
HTML Web Design template for the Missouri Gas Energy “Energy Sense” program in Kansas City – which offers customer rebates for energy efficient appliances.

This site has undergone quite a number of upgrades for different marketing campaigns over the years, and we found that a custom html design worked best since it gave us more flexibility with the layout than we would have had with a data driven site – where the main template design or theme tends to be a little more hard wired.

The site offers regular rebate promotions at different times, and new hover window ads for these appear when you first enter the site. These link to longer pages with more details, and this is a great way to make sure everyone sees the promotion since it might only be running for a limited time.

We also maintain a list of professional appliance installers, and this is managed with a PHP page that delivers contractor information from a MySQL database. It’s quite a long list for someone to maintain manually, so a database was a much better way to go.

The site also features a members only section for approved Energy Sense installers. This gives them restricted access to marketing materials, training webinars, and other program information.

Update: The Energy Sense campaign was a new concept when we designed their first website, and it ran successfully enough over the years that it’s since been redirected to a devoted section on their main website.

SITE URL: http://www.betterheatingnow.com

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