Interactive Design Kansas City

Kansas City Interactive Design

Interactive Design in Kansas City. As interactive web designers, we use software to combine the two cultures of design and engineering towards a common interest in flexible use and enhanced user experience. The software we use for interactive design is a combination of Responsive HTML/CSS, Bootstrap Framework, jQuery, Flash AS3, and Flex. See examples of our work below.

3D Animation Video Editing Featured

3D Animation Video

This robotics 3D animation was created with Blender 3D Software, and the Video Editing was done with Adobe Premiere. One thing we like about Blender is that if you’re a Mac user, most of the …


Responsive Web Design

Kansas City Web Designer at JDL Studio – Creating Responsive Web Design that works equally well on Smart Phones, iPads, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops. Responsive Web Design is an approach to web development aimed at …


Smart Phone Apps

AgriLabs Smart Phone App Smart Phone App developed for AgriLabs to have people register with them through QR-Codes at the World Dairy Expo in 2012. This was programmed with jQuery Mobile, which is a scripting …


Bootstrap Dealer Locator

AgiLabs carries a specialty line of calf health products in over 800 store locations nation wide. We developed a custom web site for them to showcase these products, and one of the most important features …


jQuery Flip Book

jQuery Flip Book for the 2013 Smiles Change Lives Annual Report. A “Flip Book” is an interactive that allows you to click through a series of graphic images, creating the illusion of flipping through pages …


Interactive Flash Gallery

There are lots of different gallery scripts out there, but we thought this one written with Flash deserved an honorable mention. You get the thumbnails which launch the larger views as usual, but what’s different …


Full Screen Photography

For JDL Studio Photography we developed a full screen website design, programmed with html and css. The challenge with any full screen site is making it mobile friendly, and to do that we’ve redirected smart …


AS3 Clinic Designer

Interactive Multimedia application programmed with Flash using the Action Script 3 (AS3) platform. The project was developed for a medical industry focus group exploring optimal designs for new medical clinics. Groups of physicians were instructed …


Flash Animated Polyhedra

We’re showing a Flash Animated Polyhedra script we wrote to illustrate how Flash AS3 components (or interface widgets) can easily be embedded into regular html and WordPress web sites. ActionScript 3.0 (commonly known as AS3) …


AS3 Flex Label Designer

Online label designer application for veterinarians to create their own custom product labels. These are placed on existing products distributed by the client – so veterinarians can sell them in their clinics using their own …


Full Screen jQuery

A responsive jQuery full screen slide show we did for a gardening project. Sometimes all you need to do is show a series of images with brief captions, so why not take advantage of the …