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Interactive Flash Gallery

There are lots of different gallery scripts out there, but we thought this one written with Flash deserved an honorable mention. You get the thumbnails which launch the larger views as usual, but what’s different is that you can choose different categories from a drop down menu, each loading different sets of thumbnails from new galleries.

It also has a nice self contained interface that you don’t usually see with other galleries. You could take this even further by adding more drop downs menus with different category lists in the header. That’s quite a bit more bang for your buck than you usually get with typical gallery scripts.

It works by loading images dynamically through an XML database, and that gives it the flexibility you would need for replicating it into other projects. This also makes the gallery much easier to work on since all of the updating is done through a simple xml file.

In addition to that, because Flash is the application platform being used, you’ve got all of the other capabilities it has with animation as well.

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