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Packaging Design with Blender 3D by JDL Studio Design

Packaging Design With Blender 3D Software

Dutch Country Market is a new brand name we developed recently, and this is the packaging design we created using Blender 3D software. The product in this case is a bar of Amish Soap, and some of our other products will be packaged in jars. It turns out that the circular logo we designed works nicely on the jar lids as seen below.

Packaging Design Dutch Country Market Jars by JDL Studio Design

The ability to distribute products in sealed jars opens up quite a range of possibilities. Some examples above include dried organic cayenne peppers (front left), and soy candles with scented essential oils (front center).

We also designed a very simple website to introduce the new brand and packaging design. We still have more content to add and design changes to make, but we’ll use this site as the starting point and grow it out further over time.


Blender Packaging Design For Organic Tomato Sauce

We also designed new packages in 3D using Blender for Lillie Garden Organics. The first package is for Organic Tomato Sauce (distributed in boxes rather than cans).

Lillie Garden Organics Package Design Tomato Sauce

Blender Package Design For Pancake Mix

Then below we have three different views of Blender package designs for Pancake Mix bags, created using 3D sculpting techniques.

Lillie Garden Package Design Pancake Mix Bag Front View

Lillie Garden Package Design Pancake Mix Bag Back View

Lillie Garden Package Design Pancake Mix Bag Top Front View

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