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Promotional Design

Promotional Design

Letterhead with business card holder for a land clearing company in eastern Kansas:
This is an affordable way to promote your business locally. Using plain white card stock, create a small half box template to use for holding the cards. Cut that out, score and fold, and then attach to your letterhead. Pin this up on bulletin boards in nearby stores, and it’s a sure fire way to get the phone ringing.

In this case we also printed a web banner advertisement, but use your imagination for what you might want there. This could be a list of your services more spelled out, or it could be another image representing your business. Or it could be a set of tri-fold brochures held with another card stock container.

Card Holder Template
For the card holder, we created a template in Illustrator that looks like the image below. After we did this, we discovered a great resource for making box templates called Template Maker. With that site, you can enter the dimensions you want for the box style you want, and it generates a pdf box template.

Business Card Holder Template

Business Card Design
Here is what the business card design looks like outside of the display.

Arens Land Clearing Business Card Design

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