Print Design Techniques

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Tradeshow Design

Tradeshow booth displays designed for Tradewind Energy in Kansas City. This requires very large format printing where some of the panels might measure as large as twenty feet by eight feet, so these displays make quite an impact when you’re standing in front of them.

The tradeshow panels are designed in Illustrator or Photoshop at a smaller percentage of the actual size, and then these are scaled up to size when the files are run to the printer from the publishing software. Usually this is done by scaling our final files up by 200% at 150 dpi.

We also needed to allow quite a bit of extra room for bleed on all sides – since the final prints wrap around the edges of each panel. Some of the panels were joined together, meeting up in the middle of an image, so the bleeds in those cases needed to be very precise.

Once all of the graphics files were assembled and sent to the printer, a 3-D model was rendered showing different views of the tradeshow design – as seen in the images above. The final product looked great, and it’s always a shock to see everything up to scale on location!

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