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WordPress Photography Blog Design For Diso Sports

WordPress Photography Blog Design for a Sports Photography Magazine in Kansas City:
Some of our favorite projects are the ones that require the highest degrees of automation. They’re more of a technical challenge since they’re programmed to handle as many functions on the back-end as possible, but this makes them easier to maintain.

For this WordPress Photography Blog Design, we wanted a website with a magazine-like appearance, so the home page at http://disosports.com/ is designed to look just like a magazine cover. This provides links into different sections of the site, but it’s primary function is to launch the most recent article. New articles are published each month, and a new cover is designed for each article, so it works just like a monthly magazine.

The cover has a dual purpose since it serves as a nice visual for introducing the blog, and the html code can be pasted directly into a web mail template. So it goes out to the full list of subscribers when new articles are published each month, and what subscribers get in their email looks exactly like the cover on the home page. When they click the “Launch Article” button, this takes them to the latest post in the blog.

The client simply creates a new post and uploads a new cover image to the root directory. The cover image becomes the new home page and web mail. As more articles are published, these are automatically written to an archive page. This is a great WordPress architecture to use for people who want to publish regular articles and maintain their own web sites.

SITE URL: http://disosports.com/DisoSportsSite/

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