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Responsive WordPress Web Design for Gift of Life

Responsive WordPress Web Design for Gift of Life in Kansas City
This is one of the most versatile WordPress Web Design templates we’ve developed so far. The responsive code is clean and efficient, and it renders great on mobile devices.

This is the kind of design we like to use on larger sites, when the philosophy is the reverse of what you might have with a one page template – where the concern is not having enough content to make it look substantial enough. When you get into larger sites with more content, the problem is delivering it in a nice clean way that isn’t overwhelming, and this design fits the bill.

It has a big roomy layout with plenty of space for navigation. The drop down menus are also clean and snappy, and very simple in appearance. We also like the “sticky header” feature – which means the header navigation and logo will always be visible no matter how far down you scroll on a page.

We designed the original Gift of Life WordPress site with page taxonomy, since most of their content was static. More recently we added a large video library, and for that section we used the WordPress post taxonomy – so that all of their videos could be archived by category.

Overall we like how clean and easy to navigate it is, and it’s been performing well with search engines and audiences alike.

SITE URL: http://www.giftdonor.org

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